RENT our items! 

Are you creating a personal portfolio or an artist's portfolio?

Or you want to look unique on that one special occasion?

 you are a performer and need some special outfit for your live act?

 Your instagram performance requires some magic?

 are you filming a new music video? Or a film?

If you are organising a project of any kind and you need our items just for one time, this is your option.



Write us an email and check the items on our online shop that are not listed as sold out. Anything online is potentially available. Send us pictures of the items with the sizes you would like to rent.

Not all the items we post on Instagram are necessarily available on the website. Just ask for availability.



Our rental fee starts at 15€ per item and per day. 

Minimum total cost per rental contract: 50€



The Lessee acknowledges that the garments is in good condition at the time of rental. Any damage (e.g. seams, holes etc.) or heavy stains (e.g. make-up etc.) that occur during the hire period will result in additional costs and will be charged for each individual item. The Lessee agrees to handle the garments with care and only use it for its intended purpose. The garments shall not be altered, modified, or tampered with in any way.

Our brand gets properly credited, quoted and/or linked. Please always mention us on all channels.

The resulting images and/or video material are also available for us to promote the work on channels including our website. Please provide the complete list of credits and images in a reasonable resolution via email up to 2 months after the shoot. We will credit everyone involved.



The Lessee shall return the garments to the Lessor in the same condition as received. Late returns may result in additional charges. 

In case the lending / renting is made in person, items should be returned preferrably by the same person who collected them. Here is when we control the pieces and check if they are in the same conditions. 


Items must be packed and sent back directly after they have been used.

Shipping costs are not included in the renting prices.



The Lessor provides the garments in a clean and well-maintained condition. The Lessee shall return the pieces in the same condition. Cleaning must be carried out after the hire period and will be undertaken by the lessor.



The hirer assumes all liability for the garments during the hire period. The hirer is not responsible for any injuries, accidents or damage resulting from the use of the garment. In the event of loss, the hirer shall bear the full costs.



The Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Lessor from any claims or damages arising from the garments‘s use.